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If there is a refrigerant gas leakage in your AC system, adding refrigerant gas (R22 / R410) into it might not be enough. You should hire a pro to carry out pressure testing for identifying and repairing the leakage site. Once this repair is done, refrigerant gas can be added.
Check for company’s reliability and reputation. Inspect the company’s profile, expertise, experience, past projects and post-service warranty.
Our AC servicing includes the following: AC Servicing AC maintenance Routine contract maintenance Chemical overhaul Chemical cleaning Chemical flushing Installation of AC system AC repair AC system Inspection & consultation
Dismantled fan coil unit can be washed more thoroughly. It enables better cleaning as well prevents the chemical residue left behind that may cause corrode the fan coil afterward.
An inefficient cooling of an AC is subject to various conditions, including: Condition 1: The fan coil of the AC is clogged and not performing well to disperse cooler air. Condition 2: The condenser is filled with dirt and not generating cooling refrigerant. Condition 3: There is a lack of refrigerant in the AC system. Condition 4: There is some fault with AC system itself, causing inconsistent performance. Condition 5: The operating temperature is set at extreme. Condition 6: The AC is not sufficient for the given room size.
One of the most common causes is the non-availability of electrical power to the AC. Make your electrical panel inspected to ensure constant supply of electricity to AC without any tripping. If electricity supply is all fine, then it’s the time to hire a pro technician for AC repair.
Regular servicing of AC system brings the following benefits: Benefit 1: You will have better performing AC, producing efficient cooling. Benefit 2: The AC will consume less electrical power. Benefit 3: The AC leakages will be prevented. Benefit 4: AC repair will rarely be needed. Benefit 5: The AC will last for longer period of time.
As a general rule of thumb, the residential ACs are recommended for servicing in every 3 months, while commercial units each month. The frequency may vary as per usage pattern and climate condition. A pro technician may provide accurate assessment after close checking
Yes. The basic AC maintenance can easily be done by cleaning its air filters and exterior panel in every two weeks. This helps AC perform better.