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Aircon Chemical Wash

What is Aircon Chemical Cleaning and Washing?

Chemical cleaning is an effective way to revitalize your AC and its components. The process is offered by all professional Aircon services Singapore. ACs that grow older, start to breakdown. For such units, chemical cleaning and washing can help a great deal. Chemical washing or cleaning involves complete AC overhaul which is absolutely necessary when your unit starts to wear out.

At Coolmax Aircon Solutions, we offer thoroughly professional chemical cleaning services regardless of the brands and models. We cover a majority of models you’d find anywhere in Singapore.

Not Sure Which One to Choose? Chemical Cleaning Vs. Chemical Washing

We’ll make it simple for you.

Aircon chemical cleaning is a service that every AC unit needs from time to time. Whereas, chemical washing is meant for units that are either too old, or too dirty to be cleaned with common cleaning methods.

In Chemical Cleaning, a spray is used to clean each and every component of the AC unit. It removes dust and debris that were affecting your AC’s performance. Chemical cleaning not only help as a precautionary measure to avoid major repairs, it also helps extend the life of your AC.

In Chemical Washing, those units with excessive buildup of dust and dirt are cleaned thoroughly with the chosen chemical wash. General cleaning cannot remove stubborn dust and grime. Thus, they pose great threat to health because of the possible spread of bacteria and germs. A chemical wash flushes out those stubborn particles and reduce chances of bacteria and mold buildup in the unit.

Contact Coolmax Aircon Solutions Singapore, if you cannot figure out which type of cleaning to choose.

Washing step

Aircon Chemical Cleaning and Washing Steps

Complete overhauling of air conditioners can be divided into 12 parts. Make sure your Aircon service offers each.

Step 1 to 4

Step 1 – The Fan Coil: This step involves dismantling the fan coil unit for overhauling

Step 2 – The Evaporator Coils: Next step is to clean and wash (if required) of the evaporator coils and other parts, with chemical.

Step 3 – AC Exterior: In this step, all external components are cleaned with chemical – external front covers and/or panels, top, bottom and sides of the AC unit.

Step 4 – Air Filters: This step is important. You need to clean and wash the air conditioning air filters to ensure smooth airflow.

Step 5 to 8

Step 5 – Fan Blade and Blower Wheel: This step includes washing of the fan blade and blower wheel with the cleaning chemical.

Step 6 – Condenser: In this step, the condenser coils of the Aircon are washed with chemical.

Step 7 – Drainage Pan:  In this step, the condensation water drainage pan is thoroughly cleaned with chemical.

Step 8 – Drainage Pipe: Then the condensation water drainage pipe is checked for flushing out dirt and dust.

Step 9 to 12

Step 9 – Inspection of the Blowing Fan Motor: This step involves ensuring that the blower fan motor of your AC unit is functioning smoothly. If it’s not working properly, it is lubricated with grease.

Step 10 – Refrigerant System Inspection: It involves thorough inspection of suction pump and its discharge pressure

Step 11 – Noise Check: Air conditioning unit is switched on for checking uncommon noises coming out of it.

Step 12 – Finally, all electrical connections and wires are checked whether they have any wear and tear.