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Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Aircon Maintenance

Residential air conditioning units tend to recirculate indoor air, because they claim to save energy. On the contrary,

Aircon installation

It’s absolutely vital to choose the unit that fits your needs, whether it’s a central air conditioner or a room air conditioner.

Aircon chemical wash

Chemical washing or cleaning involves complete AC overhaul which is absolutely necessary when your unit starts to wear out.

We pride ourselves

Established two decades back, Coolmax Services is a renowned air conditioning service provider in Singapore. At Coolmax, we offer a wide range of Aircon servicing. Our technicians are experienced in installing, maintaining and servicing different brands. We pride ourselves as a team that is not only well trained & study in our jobs, but also customer oriented when come to attending our client needs and requirements.  Although we are not perfect, but we always try to keep our standard high and competitive. Besides residential, we also provide distinctive air conditioning services to commercial premises across Singapore. Here’s a brief look at our services

Room Atmosphere

Do you know how important it is to keep room’s atmosphere cool & clean?

We spend most part of the day indoors. We need fresh air and daylight to keep our bodies active and healthy. For this purpose, we need to keep air inside the workplace and house fresh and healthy.

The majority of the Singapore population relies on air conditioners to keep their homes cool. Many locations have central air conditioners that run throughout the day or at least during business hours. But cool air doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for health.

Studies have shown poorly-maintained Aircon units may cause health issues, such as bronchitis, asthma, shortness of breath, lungs infections, wheezing and other problems. There is a high risk of cardiovascular disease, too. That’s because of the mold, viruses, bacteria and other air contamination that accumulate inside these units over time.

So, you need to ensure your air conditioning units at home and workplace yield fresh and healthy air. Make sure you hired the right Aircon servicing in Singapore that offers thoroughly professional solutions for maintaining your indoor atmosphere.

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